Saturday, 11 August 2012

Promaballoona - how it happened

Well in the end it was a very jazzglamorous evening!

We started out at the Fortune of War pub, for jazz courtesy of moi.

Last Sunday, not only were we celebrating Oona's birthday, but also the birthday of ol' Satchmo, with the 2nd annual "Oh Yeah Day".   We got plenty of "Oh Yeahs" and even a tear or 2 from an audience member when we performed "What a Wonderful World" with special guests Virginia and Daniel.   (I hope to have a video to share of some of the tunes soon.)

We met an ever-so-handsome and talented photographer, who kindly took these awesomesauce pics of Natalie, moi, Manisha, and Laurel.  And did our cups not runneth over with attention in town for how delish we all looked?

I had hoped to go to Stitch Bar after the show to start off our night, but it turns out they don't open Sunday evenings, bah.  Never mind, 4 is the perfect number to jump in a cab and wing it over to the Wine Library for a bit of indulgence.

So Oona, even though I'm the only sewist in this little group, we all subscribe to the "dressed up?  I always look this good!" philosophy, so that makes us Team Oona.  So we had a few drinks for you, a bit of a boogie afterwards elsewhere, and a good time was had by all.  

Serendipitously, the next morning as I was running around town for work, I ran into my old prom date Chris, and made plans to catch up for lunch or beers soon, celebrations all round!!!

Next up, my birthday, yay!  And maybe some sewing.   Actually I can say definitely some sewing.

Happy Birthday Oona!

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  1. how WONDERFUL! you ladies look amazing. and I had no idea you sing my favorite brand of music :)

    a very happy pre birthday to you, stunning songstress!