Friday, 4 November 2011

Stash surprises

I resumed sewing around the same time as my sister decided to start decluttering.  I've inherited her stash to do what I want with and store what I don't want for her for later.

I start an overlocker (serger) course this weekend (watch this space) and needed to collect the required supplies for the class - various knits & other fabric samples.  Rather than purchasing new bits or cutting into fabric earmarked for garments, I hit my stash, and went down to the garage where a lot of the stored stuff is.  I found everything I needed... and much more.

I even found a spacebag that was my own stash from years and years ago, that I didn't realise I still had.

Amongst my own stuff and my sisters was:

 - awesome border prints;
 - some great linen including some fantastic stretchy black linen-y stuff;
 - a good sized piece of W Bill fabric that I think will make an AWESOME coat or jacket;
 - stacks of lace;
 - a glue gun!  (I'll be stunning with my love glue gunning!)
 - a couple of pieces of jewelry belonging to my sister, in her bead box, that I'm sure she'll be delighted to have back.  I got out my Tiffany polish creme and spruced up her bracelet - can't wait to give it to her;
 - heaps of cool stuff.

So I sorted out my workshop and got everything a little bit more organised.

Maybe now it's time to do some sewing. 

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